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Jurassic World 3: Is Bringing Back Jurassic word Forgotten Villain And Director’s Next Movies Will Involve Atlantis

The forthcoming Jurassic Globe: Dominion will feature though he won’t be portrayed by the first actor forgotten Park celebrity, Lewis Dodgson.

Jurassic World 3 is bringing back a forgotten celebrity from Jurassic World. With the hype that surrounded the release of the original 1993 film, as well as the tidal wave of acclaim that followed afterward, there’s much to remember about Jurassic World. To this very day, the film is still being discussed and, of course, mined for ideas which can be utilized in prospective franchise entries. Universal has kept an enjoyable connection to the original movie with the resurrection of the famed notion for 2015’s Jurassic World, liberally adding doses of closeness to each successive installment.

In fact, even 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic World has managed to possess a small amount of influence on the approaching Jurassic World: Dominion. The sequel introduced the concept of the dinosaurs (or at least two of these ) being brought into culture. Although the T-Rex’s all too short romp through San Diego is likely to be forced to seem incredibly meager by comparison, Jurassic World: Dominion’s reported plans to focus on dinosaurs loose in civilization does have its origins in the franchise’s history.

As reported by Deadline, Trevorrow has also lined up his original job for after the new Jurassic World sequel, also he sees him returning to the realm of dream. Called Atlantis, the film sees Trevorrow teaming again with Jurassic World studio Universal, this time for a movie set in a mythical land situated somewhere in the Indian Ocean (the legendary Atlantis of lore was allegedly located in the Atlantic Ocean).

Jurassic World 3

Also, identifying this new job from previous stories about Atlantis, the fictional land of Trevorrow’s film is described as a”multicultural culture with its advanced technology” (which makes it sound like a different variant of Wakanda). The movie’s script has been written by Edge of Tomorrow screenwriter Dante Harper in the narrative by Trevorrow and Matt Charman.

The mythical lost continent of Atlantis naturally has been written about for thousands of years and has frequently been depicted or at least referred to in movies, most lately in the DCEU epic Aquaman (Marvel, of course, also has its own spin on Atlantis). Atlantis was also a popular notion in classic films from silent films until the days of excellent’50s dreams, such as the Jules Verne adaptation Journey to the Center of the Earth. Disney also took their own crack at Atlantis with 2001’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, a movie viewed by some as an underrated classic. The TV series Stargate: Atlantis, too, made use of the classic myth as the basis for a sci-fi adventure (with an early function for eventual Aquaman star Jason Momoa).

Coming off of two Jurassic World movies, Trevorrow will now create his own spin on Atlantis, which at least sounds interesting with its emphasis on multiculturalism and Dark Panther-like notion of a hidden realm that owns advanced technologies. Of course, Trevorrow’s track record is rather inconsistent despite the achievement of Jurassic World, together with Book of Henry still looming as a tragedy in his filmography. So there’s obvious reason to be skeptical that Trevorrow’s Atlantis will add anything interesting to the older legend (beyond possible dinosaurs).


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