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Keeping Faith Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And You Need to Know Everything !!!

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Keeping Faith is a Welsh TV series created by Matthew Hall, the original Welsh title as Un Bore Mercher, which translates to “One Wednesday Morning.” The series revolves around a solicitor Faith Howells who works at a family-run firm. While on maternity leave following the birth of her third child, her husband Evan disappears. The series aired on S4C. The English version renamed as Keeping Faith Season 3 premiered on BBC Wales. The first season consisted of 8 episodes. The series is very intriguing from start to finish and is a testament to the strength of drama coming out of Wales. According to The Guardian, the series is a “bit like Big Little Lies” relocated to rural Wales.

Keeping Faith Cast: Who is in it?

British television has always produced towering talents in acting. The top-billed cast of this intriguing thriller series is as follows:

Eve Myles, who portrayed Ceri Lewis in the BBC drama series Belonging, plays the lead as Faith Howells. Bradley Freegard of Teulu (an S4C series) fame plays Faith’s husband, Evan Howells. Demy Letherby stars as Alys Howells, the elder daughter of religion and Evan. Lacey Jones as Megan Howells, the younger daughter of the couple. Aneirin Hughes of Hinterland(BBC4) fame stars as Tom Howells, Evan’s father, and solicitor. His co-actor from Hinterland, Hannah Daniel, portrays Cerys Jones, a solicitor at Howells. Mark Lewis Jones, who recently starred in the hit HBO miniseries Chernobyl, plays the role of Steve Baldini, Faith’s lover. Angeline Ball from The Commitments stars as local crime boss Gael Reardon.

All the main cast members are expected to return if and when season 3 happens.

Keeping Faith Plot: What the series is about?

The first season of Keeping Faith saw Faith reveal the secret dealings that had prompted her husband’s vanishing. For instance, we learn that Evan had, as of late, found the individual he thought was his father was not his dad, while in another scene, we learn he had as lately supported his life coverage premiums. After Evan goes missing, Faith also finds out that the family law firm which is owned by them has serious financial problems. To exacerbate the situation, he had engaged with a local crime family called the Glynns to solve his financial difficulties and now owed them £80,000.

With Evan out of the picture, it is dependent upon Faith to attempt to find that cash. To support her, Faith’s lover Steve Baldini consents to move cocaine for another local crime boss, Gael Reardon. Amidst all this tension, DI Susan Williams is sure that Faith is somehow involved in her husband’s mysterious disappearance. Faith even gets arrested at one point, but the DI is forced to release her due to a lack of evidence. Likewise, DI Williams attempts to get an emergency protection request set up to remove Faith’s children because of her connections with Baldini, who has a full criminal record.

To make things worse for Faith, corrupt cops seize one of her kids because of implicating proof Faith has against them. However, she turns the game in her favor by playing the two sides off against one another to get her daughter out of the trouble. As Faith thinks her issues are finished, and she imparts a kiss to Baldini, Keeping Faith has one final turn at its disposal. In the end, Evan turns up again, and we see him with all of the three Howells kids.

Season two of the series starts 18 months after the first season. We learn that Faith is involved in a murder trial while Evan is discharged from prison. The thrill from season one was missing in this season. The first season focused on a central plot, which kept the larger story revolving the characters intact. The second season introduces a lot of subplots and fails to connect them into the larger plot, making the whole season messy. The first half of the season is more interesting to watch than the second. It centers around Faith as she tries to bring sanity to her family life while defending a woman charged with her husband’s murder. The crowning jewel of the season is Eve Myles’ performance. She keeps the whole thing going with her stellar performance. The entire season looks breathtaking because of the atmospheric Welsh beaches.

Hopefully, season 3 will pick up some steam and deliver the quality that we came to expect from the show after season 1.

Keeping Faith Season 3 Release Date

Keeping Faith season 1 premiered on November 5, 2017, and therefore the second season premiered on May 12, 2019, on S4C. Keeping Faith season 2 premiered for the US audience on Acorn TV in August 2019. The series was filmed simultaneously in Welsh and English Version. The Welsh version of the TV series got strong reviews. In Wales Arts Review, Gary Raymond wrote: “…particularly interesting to see a genuine diamond emerge from the coalface in the form of Keeping Faith” and “Social media opinion has been a little more approving.”

Writing in The Times, Nicole Wynne described it as “the dual-language drama that has got box-set Britain gripped.” The first series won three Welsh BAFTAs in 2018: Best Actress (Eve Myles), Best Writer (Matthew Hall), and Original Music (Amy Wadge and Laurence Love Greed). After the mediocre reception of the second season, there has been no word from the creative team for season three. However, there were numerous subplots in season two, which can be addressed compellingly in season three. Also, the impressive viewership numbers suggest the series is most likely returning for another season. If it does, Keeping Faith season 3 is probably going to premiere sometime in November 2020.

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