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    Knightfall Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Latest Update

    Knightfall is an action drama that airs on the History channel. The series has been making waves among the onlookers and critics as the release of it and it did not disappoint them. Seeing the achievement, season one of Knightfall obtained, the makers were encouraged to move forward with the series and released the following season. And it surely was a good move. It has been a while since last season’s release.

    Fans have been anticipating if they will witness the series. Well, we have covered all the updates and information concerning the season. Read on to know more not or whether the series has been renewed, release plot, cast, date, and more.

    Has the Series Been Renewed for a Third Run?

    The makers did not renew the show as of now. But there is a possibility that the series will return since it is the most-watched series on History station, affiliated with awards and nominations, plus the season two. So likely the series will be back. The delay in renewal could be on account of the situation.

    Release Date of Knightfall Season 3

    The series’ first season aired on History Channel in the US on December 6, 2017. Following the series was revived in 2018 by the parent station, then the next season of this show aired on March 25, 2019. If the show is revived in 2020, fans can expect the show to fall in 2021.

    Cast for Knightfall Season 3

    In the protagonist, Tom Cullen will come back to reprise his character in Landry. Other cast members include Simon Merrells as Tancrede, Tom Forbes as Prince Louis, Ed Stoppard as King Philip Mark Hamill as Talus. Additionally, there is a possible inclusion of new cast members, but nothing confirmed.

    What Will Be the Plot of Knightfall Season 3

    The narrative revolves around the knights of King Philip IV of France. The Knights group is lead by Landry (Tom Cullen) a warrior and his journey. When Cullen was seen saying that about next season’s upcoming storyline: Pope Clement is all developed, Templars will take their revenge, Aaron has many questions which needs to be replied.


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