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    Knightfall Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and What is going to happen to Talus!

    In case you have played with Assassin’s Creed, you would know who the templars are. However, here’s a take in their lives where they’ve honor and pride. Wouldnt you like to observe that. Everybody quests and loves a story with armors and knights.

    Not to forget epic sword fights and the backstabbing. It is in the age of King Philip IV of France in the 1307s. The protagonist is your pioneer, Landry Du Lauzon, who is tired of the guild’s failures and finds expectations when the news of the Holy Grail resurfacing enters the picture.

    Knightfall Season 3: Release Date and Plot

    So the season strategies going haywire, what exactly do we have in store for the next one and concluded with a great deal of chaos. Let us just hope that Talus stays alive, and maybe they will find the Holy Grail that King Philip is out of the picture.

    The shoot has been halted because of the Coroa virus epidemic, and there have not been any updates on the release date yet. The set got burnt during the shoot, and it has become tough to salvage and recreate all. Let us just hope that they finish the shoot in time.

    What Happens To Talus In Knightfall?

    In the season 2 finale, the templars were being burnt at the stake when Talus, played by none aside from the legendary Mark Hamill, comes with a surprise attack. He’s got training from Star Wars. He helps a group escape from the King’s guards and frees the Templars.

    Than being captured ever again, given the history of Talus, he stated he’d rather die fighting for God. This made the fans believe since he fought the guards that Talus has to have died. He was seen after killing the guards, limping off but wasn’t involved in the finale. But it would be cruel to the founders to kill Talus off-screen. Therefore we may have the ability to see his season.


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