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    Know About God of War 5 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Twist, And Latest Updates !!!

    It will be the latest addition into the wildly popular PlayStation exclusive video game franchise God of War developed by Sant Monica and distributed by Sony Interactive. This series has been the generation-defining for each generation of the PlayStation console since 2005, when the first game of this series was released on the Playstation 2. Fans were highly anticipating the title reveal of the God of war’s fifth installment on the PS5 launch and reveal event. It seems we have to wait a little longer to see the Kratos So here is everything we know so far about the game.

    God of War plot details we know so far.

    The most recent and arguably the best game of the franchise, God of War 4, was released in 2018. This latest installment set in Norse mythology essentially rebooted the franchise and its character known for his rage and brutality, and bloody cut scenes by including the father-son theme. Everyone loved this new version of Kratos, his journey and transformation from the ultimate God slayer into the most badass father. It was the first game of the franchise to have two protagonists, Kratos, and his son.

    But we don’t know if the next game will have the two protagonists. It will surely come with different player modes and an online multiplayer modern. We are so excited to see how the next game will surpass the graphics of the most beautiful game of the year, God of War 4.

    A few months ago, God of War creative director Cory Barlog in a statement teased that God of war 5 will have a more significant role of the Faye. Faye is a Norse mythology character and the most influential nature of the God of War 4. He spoke,

    That way, when we build this up to when you get to see this, and I hope… I don’t know how we’re going tell this or when we’re going to say this, but I want to tell the story of Kratos and Faye meeting.”

    God of war 5 release date, and latest updates

    God of War 4 took a staggering 6 years to complete, but we would not have to wait for this long for the God of war 5. Many Sources have reported delays in the production of the game due to pandemic. We can expect it to release in late 2021.

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