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    Know Facts Is it Worth to Buy BMW E46 M3 Now?

    People are fond of buying luxurious cars, but the common problem which is seen among them is about buying a brand like BMW whose cost is so high, but they still want to have it. Some people follow such big brands with desire and passion, but they don’t have enough money to purchase such a high-end, attractive car model.

    One of the most looked for BMWs is the BMW E46 M3 and the new BMW M4 car. All BMW model E46 M3s are virtuous, and all of these will offer a driving desire for many years. If one cannot buy the latest model, one should go for BMW E46, an older BMW 3 series model, and is most preferred by people.


    The engine of BMW car model E46 M3 is a 3.2-liter inline-six, which develops 333 hp and produces a 262 lb-ft torque. The speed of car 0-60 can be achieved in 5.1 seconds, and the speed of 155 mph (top speed) can be controlled automatically. Moreover, E46 M3 is considered as the best BMW which has been ever made. It has an rpm of 7,900.

    The BMW car model E46 is yet one of the superior looking BMWs. It has built grand wheel arches, the right posture, and a great outlook. It is plain yet thrilling and stylish yet hostile. It is one of the best looking car models in the section. It has an enduring design and will appear virtuous for many years. Nevertheless, it is already pretty old.


    The E46 BMW interior was the last generation with an analog feel. This car still had a manual oil dipstick you can use. The E46 M3’s interior is open and fresh, with very few buttons that have burdened future BMWs like damper controls, steering settings, etc. Later models in the E46 M3 came with a navigation screen, but most had the basic BMW radio system.

    All E46 M3s had leather, but a few came with the unique option race seats, where were fabric pattern seats. They were roomy and had an excellent glass-house effect. Rear seats were spacious and had easy access from the reclining front seats. 

    The car model BMW E46 is the top value M3. They can provide good mileage due to its generations, 2000 to 2006 and very expensive. But that does not mean that car is too old or feel baron compared to the newer models. Depending upon the situations, a BMW E46 may come in the range between $10,000 and $20,000.


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