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Lando Norris is too happy defeating Racing Point and with career-best 4th in qualifying !!!

In the races, Lando Norris was able to secure the career-best 4th in it. And in the Austrian Grand Prix, no one was more surprised by the Mclaren driver himself. He and his teammates were very sure that it was no place for them, anywhere near Racing point. They were speedy in the practices.

The RP 20 is named as the Pink Mercedes. It is the car that Sergio and Lance’s stroll drove. It is very close to last year’s winning car and is showing a high pace to match with the strong show-offs in the practices. But, when the time was indeed crucial, the vehicle came in sixth with Perez and Stroll took the ninth, with Norris ahead of both of them on the fourth position.

The car was perfect under lesser fuel. It was at this time we saw the car come alive on the tracks. The car felt good all after that throughout the race. And this track was also beneficial and lucky for the team last year. They are really in reasonable confidence in the car. And it will be their only wish to repeat the performance in the upcoming events.


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