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    Lazareth LM 847 a Motorcycle with a V8 Engine and Two Wheels Wedged

    In case you have been rueing the demise of genuinely insane motorcycles like the Dodge Tomahawk, worry not, here’s its spiritual successor. Meet the absolutely bonkers Lazareth LM 847

    Every once in awhile in the automotive universe there comes along something frankly ridiculous that we simply can’t help marveling at the sheer madness that went into dreaming up it, let alone bringing it. Over a decade and a half ago, it was the Dodge Tomahawk, a leviathan of a motorcycle with a V8 engine and two wheels wedged somehow between them.

    The Lazareth LM 847, this, is its spiritual successor, in that it also includes four wheels and a massive V8 engine, but somehow still can be classified as a motorcycle. Somewhat. But whereas the Dodge Tomahawk was content to play the rules of physics like any conventional bike, the Lazareth actually leans into corners like a trike.

    In case you haven’t heard to Lazareth earlier — we haven’t before this it’s an outfit which has created quite a few more mad concepts in the past. This time round they constructed a motorcycle round it and have borrowed a 4,691 cc 32-valve V8 motor. The powerplant is fantastic for a 620Nm of torque and 470PS of peak power. That is more than what you get in several commendable sports and supercars.

    Luckily, the transmission is a much simpler affair. The LM 847 includes a gearbox using a coupler and dual chain drive. This implies zero to eternity without shifting gears, and this might be a bad thing or a good, depending on who is twisting the throttle.

    The Lazareth LM 847 includes a hub center steering front end and a complex suspension system powered by TFX that keeps it. Braking electricity comes in 2 perimeter Brembo rotors measuring 420mm in diameter, while the back uses 4-pot calipers and two Brembo rotors squeezed by 8-pot Nissin calipers in front. The tail segment comes out of a Ducati 1299 Panigale and looks as though it fits perfectly into this crazy construct.

    As you’d expect, and yes, it is as much of a leviathan. It measures 2.4 meters in length and tips the scales at 400 kilos.

    We do not even want to get into the whole business of just how much it might cost, or how one would ride it. The existence of these machines makes the world a better place anyway.


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