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    Limited Kryptos edition of Rolls Royce Wraith will let you Decipher the Secrets Messages !!!

    Rolls Royce’s best-in-class luxury and royalty are celebrated worldwide. The bespoke extras that the British luxury brand delivers to its buyers are the loyalty the brand is known for. Rolls Royce is also recognized for the time-to-time limited edition of the cars. The all-new Kryptos Edition might be the wildest yet.

    Every limited edition Rolls Royce is a secretive tribute or message to a personality or a message. Ironically, the new Kryptos Edition of Rolls Royce Wraith will hide a decrypted code in every luxury car element. The theme this time around is computer coding and the process of writing and solving them. In this instance, the Goodwood based luxury carmaker took that inspiration to heart, with the Kryptos Edition being inspired by the Kryptos Sculpture on display at the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States.

    The limited Kryptos edition of Wraith, claims that the cipher will play a role in “codifying a journey that only a few will master.” The cipher is embedded into the headliner, and this will have a special bi-color starlight arrangement to display the various bits of text. A dynamic lighting feature allows the pattern to “flow” from the front to the rear of the headliner, while a similar cipher theme has been embossed into the headrests. Other than the model exclusive touches, the bulk of the Wraith’s interior remains mostly unchanged, and that should please buyers that love its core charms and world-class luxury.

    Rishabh Chugh
    Rishabh Chugh
    An automobile engineer by profession, writer by heart.


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