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Look at Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car Sound to 172MPH

It’s one among the best-sounding autos we’ve heard at Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds.

Here’s something we’ve never observed handling the miles-long runway utilized by Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds. It’s not the Porsche 911 – we watched a bone stock GT2 RS hit 219 mph last May. This 911, be that as it may, might be an all-out GT3 Cup racer and that we won’t endeavor to prod you about speed. With a level out go of 172 mph, it’s not remotely as quick as different vehicles recorded at the shuttle runway. Be that as it may, it’s presumably the sole one that would take a corner level out and not end up turning kind of breaking down UFO. Also, it sounds great.

In particular, this is frequently a 2017 911 GT3 racer with a downforce in abundance. Its normally suctioned 4.0-liter level six creates 485 torque (362 kilowatts), with moving obligations taken care of by a six-speed sequential gearbox. Being a racer, it’s likewise stripped down. It weighs only 2,646 pounds, which is observable because the vehicle pulls 1.1 g under increasing speed right on time inside the run without attempting that intense.

The run to 150 mph is the place the Porsche’s hustling alterations radiate through. 485 hp really sounds a touch low during a time of 700-hp muscle autos, yet the GT3 quickens kind of a vehicle with double the office . The drawback thereto is coming up short on drugs at the furthest edge of the speedometer, and without a doubt, it shows up the Porsche could’ve gone somewhat quicker if it just had a seventh apparatus. Be that as it may, here’s the place it gets fascinating – it had seven riggings. Or then again did it?

911 GT3 Cup vehicles run six-speed consecutive transmissions, and this specific vehicle was recorded as having quite recently that. We constrained ourselves to watch and hear this clasp a few times, and there are seven perceptible rigging changes. Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds isn’t only a home for speed monstrosities – a decent measure of model testing takes puts so maybe this vehicle was practicing a dynamic rendition of the seven-speed double grip transmission accessible in road legitimate models.


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