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    Lost In Space Season 3 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And New Updates!!!

    Lost in Space is a science fiction series based on the 1985 series of the same name. Lost in Space was originally inspired by an 1812 publication called The Swiss Family Robinson. The show follows the adventures of the space colonists. Get everything related to the show:

    The latest season of Lost In Space ( Season 2) was released on Christmas eve 2019. And the 2 seasons had captivated audiences with its distance exploring Robinson family story. Lost In Space relies on the 1965 sci-fi series and Johann David Wyss’ novel The Swiss Family Robinson.

    Now the significant question buffs are asking is if it’s been renewed for a third show? And if it is, when will they get to view it?

    Release Date

    Ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, Season 3 was to hit screens on March 2021; nonetheless, as this crisis is impacting productions, the release date will likely be delayed.

    Also, Netflix has confirmed that, sadly, season 3 will be the Robinson household’s closing performance.


    We can expect to see that the Robinson family: John played by Toby Stephen’s, Maureen, played by Molly Parker, and the three children are played by Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins, and Mina Sundwall.

    Let us wait for more cast announcements!


    Season two wrapped up together with the Robinson family splitting up after being attacked by robots. Judy Robinson captained a second spaceship’ Jupiter 2′ to fly the children safely to Alpha Centauri while the Robinson parents struggle the robots. So now, the question the viewers are asking is whether Maureen and John survived the attack?

    But since the plot for season 3 isn’t given out, we are only left with mere speculations. You will find fan theories concerning the end of the next season. In the event the parents endured the assault, will they hunt for their kids, and also will the whole family return? Or will they go different ways and meet up decades later?

    Just the trailer can affirm it. Until then, stay tuned for more updates!


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