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    Lucifer Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Latest Update Is Here

    As all of the people who watch the series named Lucifer on the giant that is streaming Netflix know, it is also known that the first part of the season of Lucifer is going to come out about the 21st of August 2020, and fans are excited.

    All this while, you might be tired of waiting for your favorite series, and that’s why here we’ve attracted three big fan theories that you can speculate on.

    There’s an enthusiast who indicates we know there is going to be an introduction to God in the next batch of episodes, and he can happen to match him itself. The fan theory reveals that God himself has set our main guy up there to punish him. This theory also stands as an opportunity because Lucifer has returned to Hell, to be true. Because if God comes to Hell, then who’s the one ruling paradise but all this while loopholes for this is too?

    We have another fan who states he believes the sequence might be returned in by Lucifer’s mum. That is precisely why we saw that Lucifer was the one to send his mother to another world by cutting a hole. It’s also known that the weapons have been thrown from by him there too, and it could just be possible that the mother of Lucifer has found his sword and return to Earth more.

    There’s a third concept that contradicts everything and states that the series might end on a fantastic note, and we will have a chance to reunite with his family. This is because God is coming to action because he wishes to combine with his loved ones, and this might be. Well, this signifies that detective decker is not going to be a part of any of this.


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