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    Mexico’s Auto Industry Restarts, except a few waiting

    MEXICO CITY- this Tuesday we saw steam of Auto industry back to work. This includes companies like Fiat Chrysler and BMW, coming to join their alliance members. There was a delay and wait as the approvals came in slow from Ford Motors Co. and other companies. It comes from mid-may, that few companies agreed t come into function. They seem ready to exit the mandatory coronavirus lockdown, once and if safety measures are approved. We still receive some Mexican governors pleading to take urgent caution. they fear a surge and bounce in the cases of coronavirus cases as the supply chain comes into function with North America. There are more infections and cases records since then.

    Fiat Chrysler came into function with reopening two facilities on Tuesday in the Central Mexican city of Toluca and Saltillo, a day earlier in function. They are coming into action with only 40 percent of the workforce. This is a secure and orderly reopening according to the norms suggested by the Health Secretary. Thus, the announcement brings in two of three Detroit in action, and the company still looking for norms to reopen the third with permission. BMW is coming functional at San Luis Potosi on Wednesday.

    The general Motors began their work lines at Ramos Arizpe at Coahuila and Silao last week. Toyota Motor Corp. Nissan Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Corp. also restarting in Mexico.

    Volkswagen and Audi are still waiting for authorization for their plants at Puebla state. The government here denies condition for the restart this Friday

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    Furious Mad
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