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    Monaco 2016 and it’s rage haunted Daniel Ricciardo for two years.

    Daniel Ricciardo admits that losing out in a winning match at Monaco 2016 and the botched pit stop haunting him. And it was not one or two days, but two years. He described his feeling as of pure rage. It was him driving for Red Bull, where he edged out the Mercedes team. He seemed to be good for his first win, but alas, he pitted on 32.

    Also, the team wasn’t ready with the tires and was not in an action plan. Thus, this was the turning point of the match. It allowed full control to Hamilton over the match. Thus, Riccardo had to come sad second. We saw a social media post where he was too sad and hurt over this mistake. It was a diary post, and he is leaving Renault to join McLaren in 2021.

    He went on to write that every four years, the race comes to hid mind. And it is printed in his mind like a film, with every small description still fresh and haunting than ever. He clearly remembers the pit, and how angry he was. He didn’t want to talk and of course, didn’t want any sympathy. it is that he didn’t want to remember the podium, with Lewis, who had won the race which was under his control.

    This made him not step wrong in 2018. He made amends taking pole and win at Monte Carlo, but that too was agony one, with two gears lost and more than half horsepower gone, he was with Vettel right behind.

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    Furious Mad
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