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Morena Baccarin Reveals She Has Not Been Approached Yet About Coming To Deadpool 3

Morena Baccarin reveals she has not been approached yet about coming to Deadpool 3.

Baccarin plays with Vanessa Carlysle from the favorite comic book franchise reverse Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson/Deadpool. From the comic books, Vanessa is also the mutant Copycat, but Deadpool hasn’t handled that specific storyline yet. Since Deadpool’s girlfriend and fiance, Baccarin’s character has an essential role in the first film. Nonetheless, in Deadpool 2, she’s killed early, with her passing motivating Deadpool throughout. Luckily, she is brought back to life using a time-traveling device at the end of the film, preparing a role in Deadpool 3.

But, progress on the film was slow, due in part. As of this moment, Deadpool 3 doesn’t have a release date, though it’s in development. Reynolds has met with Marvel, and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have verified Deadpool 3 will probably be R-rated like the other films in the series, despite the move to Disney. Marvel Studios mind Kevin Feige has talked more generally about keeping up the soul of Deadpool for future installations, saying, “There’s no wonder that Deadpool is working, so why do we change it? ” But beyond these reassurances, it’s difficult to say that storylines Deadpool 3 might tackle and which characters could return.

In a recent interview on PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing show, Baccarin shared she doesn’t know yet if she will appear in Deadpool 3. Baccarin said: “I don’t have any idea. They’re still writing it. I don’t understand. I have not been requested or approached. There have been no discussions yet, so I’m waiting with bated breath. ” However, if she’s asked to reunite, Baccarin expects her function will be”As significant as you can. I mean, he [Reynolds] will always be direct, but I would like to be right by his side. ”

Baccarin’s last comment is intriguing, considering that she spent most of Deadpool 2 diminished to a vision, basically working in support of Reynold’s personality. If she were “right with his side” in Deadpool 3, it would be a big step up from her role in the sequel. Considering Vanessa was brought back to life, it appears likely Baccarin will be asked to return. It would not make a lot of sense to show that when the Deadpool authors did not plan on utilizing Vanessa in the future.

An increased role for Vanessa in Deadpool 3 would also align with the drive for more female representation in superhero films. Although Marvel still has a ways to go on that front, there were encouraging moves in the last few decades, especially with Captain Marvel and Black Widow. Deadpool two did introduce another engaging feminine personality to the franchise in Zazie Beetz’s Domino, but there’s always space for multiple female characters to shine. Fortunately, it sounds just like Baccarin is enthused about the possibility of returning for Deadpool 3.


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