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MotoGP dealt with coronavirus better than ” hesitant F1″

Honda team manager Alberto Puig claims that Dorna Sports, the promoter of MotoGP. It has reacted better to the coronavirus pandemic than Liberty Media, the owner of “hesitant” Formula 1.

The COVID-19 epidemic, which has affected well over 600,000 people worldwide and killed over 30,000. So, it caused several major sporting competitions to delayed. And canceled including the first eight F1 races and the first five MotoGP rounds.

On her Australian Grand Prix weekend a fortnight ago. The F1 became engulfed in controversy after she forced to postpone the action just hours. Before testing due to commence after McLaren withdrew after one of her squad leaders screened for the virus positively.

In comparison, MotoGP canceled its opening race in Qatar a week. Before the event due to travel restrictions in the region. And postponed the following races well ahead of their running in Thailand, America, Argentina, and Spain.

When asked to compare how the present situation was treated by MotoGP and F1:

I think we have to be very proud of our championship manager.

In her heart, step-by-step, Dorna has done stuff. Always listening to the advice of the health authorities [of every country].

From there, it has determined what could and should not achieve. But it really fascinating because it covered the whole community that operates in the World Championship.

If we equate it to F1, sports organizations or the very reluctant International Olympic Committee. And Dorna did what she needed to do.

Last week, despite rising scrutiny. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics reportedly delayed to next year. And the European Football Championship was canceled.

Turning his gratitude to Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna, Puig added:

They [Dorna] were aware of the severity of the issue from the very first moment.

So you’ve got to have the consistency of thoughts to be good with that, so with Carmelo Ezpeleta.


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