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My Hero Academia Season 5: Read Here For The Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More!

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Anime enthusiast or not, odds are you’ve heard of My Hero Academia. And we are here with a bit of excellent news for its fans. My Hero Academia is coming back into the match with its fifth installment. It’s confirmed Using a twitter post.

My Hero Academia Season 5

Although, no official statement about its release date was out as of now, keeping in mind the global pandemic. Because of which the entire entertainment and production have now been put on halt worldwide.

But we know that the season is set to feature the manga counterpart following fourth’s parts. And we are looking at the pattern of the seasons’ releases, except one we could expect season 5 to come out.

My Hero Academia: Fundamental Plot

The story of My Hero Academia revolves around a boy named Izuku Midoriya.

Who belongs to a planet full of superpowers, where everyone has one. The technical term for which can be ‘QUIRKS.’
Regrettably, Midoriya does not possess any quirk but longs for a superpower to rescue the planet from the bad. Gradually, he becomes a follower of the best Hero, the “All Might.”

As in the past seasons, we saw that’All Might’ had passed his quirk the ‘One for All.’

, To Izuku. Afterward, Izuku was seen fighting the evil Overhaul. Season 5: Expected Plot
My Hero Academia season 5 is going to pick up right where year four left off, which is the joint arc. Then Midoriya, with the rest of his course 1-A will be seen joining up due to their honing skills with 1-B.

Season 5 is likely to cover a number of the Meta Liberation Army arcs. That gets into Tomura Shigaraki’s backstory and new motions made by his crew, The League of Villains.


Concerning the cast for season five, it’s predicted to be the same as usual.

The tweet states, “The fifth season of Hiroaka comes! My Hero Academia TV anime production decision that is 5th! New visuals will also be lifted!”

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