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Netflix Premieres: Movies And Series That Arrive The Week Of January 11 to 17

New week of January, a new week of premieres on the streaming platform par excellence, Netflix, in which various series and premiere movies will debut over the next seven days. From the fourth season of the animated series Carmen Sandiego to the iconic Dawson Crece in full, through a list of five feature films that promise to delight the most cinephiles.

Take a note below of all the movies and series that will be released on Netflix in the week of January 11-17:


Kuroro’s Basketball (Kuroko no basuke) – Season 1

In the purest Champions style but about basketball, Kuroro’s Basketball (Kuroko no basuke) is an anime series based on the homonymous manga that has a long history in Japan. Now, the first season comes to the streaming platform to introduce us to a high school basketball team capable of doing true miracles.

Premiere: January 15

Carmen Sandiego – season 4

A new installment of this animated series raises so many passions among subscribers of the streaming platform. In this new series of adventure fiction and espionage, we will accompany its protagonist, the supervillain Carmen Sandiego, in her new attempts to get hold of all kinds of treasures throughout the planet … While the police do not stop on her heels.

Premiere: January 15

Dawson Grows – Seasons 1-6

Mythical and summery series where they exist arrives in January, but ready to delight all those who grew up in the 90s. Aired for six seasons between 1998 and 2006, the series starring James Van der Beek premieres in full on Netflix so that we can revisit the unforgettable teenage group life in the fictional seaside town of Capeside, Massachusetts.

Premiere: January 15

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Let me out

Horror and suspense film directed by Jordan Peele in 2017 that amassed great success, was nominated in various categories at the Oscars – including Best Picture – and even won the statuette for Best Original Screenplay. In it we meet Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a young and successful African-American photographer who accepts his girlfriend’s invitation to meet his family, who does not know that he is black. At first everything proceeds normally, but the protagonist discovers important secrets and lies regarding the two mysterious African-American employees who live in the house.

Premiere: January 13


A science-fiction thriller that takes us to the streets of Detroit to present the story of a lonely boy who accidentally finds a weapon that comes from another world. His discovery will lead him directly to a secret war that will force the young man and his inmate brother to flee the city to safety. 

Premiere: January 14


Netflix original film directed by Mikael Hafstrom and starring Anthony Mackie and Pilou Asbæk, which takes us to the near future in which a drone pilot is assigned to a highly militarized war zone. Together with an android officer, the protagonist will have to carry out an important mission: to find the whereabouts of a dangerous device that could destroy life on the planet.


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