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Nissan 370Z: Know Price, Specs, Mileage, Picture, and Many other Notable features !!!

The Nissan 370Z is a sound level sports car, and very true to its profession. And it is the sixth generation version in the Z car line from Nissan. It is the model that replaces the 350Z worldwide. However, it is the first Z model that saw retaliation in India. It is typical of the usual sports cars. It is the rear wheel driven Nissan 370Z. And it is typically a type of design for two passengers to fit in.

It possesses the engine that unleashes gut-wrenching amounts of power. The engine gives it an ability of tremendous power and makes it capable of performing the league of Porsche’s. In terms of money, the 370Z is also a cheaper option, but only in relative terms. In India, the Nissan 370 Z sells for over above Rs. 50 Lakh. And that is quite a vast package to put down on the table in this market. Talking in the midterms away from specs, the 370Z remains a fun car to drive, comes loaded with features. We shall instead consider it a flashy style statement.

The Nissan 370 Z is a Petrol driven car, with an engine of 3696 ccs. It gets both automatic as well as a manual transmission. Talking of the specs for the power train, it drives a power of 328.5bhp@7000rpm and torque of 363Nm@5200rpm. The range of costs varies between Rs. 55 lacs to Rs. 56.5 lacs. It gives a mileage of 10 to 11 kmpl.


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