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Nissan orders two day furlough for US employees

Nissan orders two day furlough for US employees


There are pretty much bad news for all, the company Nissan and its workers. Nissan is performing worse in the market , especially US market.

And we can find its chairperson now taking steps to cut costs across the company, trying to sash across the employee travel expenses and putting the entire US organisation on two days of unpaid further workdays next month.

We hear from Nissan North America Chairman Jose Valls  that they have made good come back and some great positive progress around the market.

But the Nissan’s performance is very dangling and fallen short of their expectations. These were his words to the employees in the memo received by us.

Valls mentions in the memo that Nissan will cut employee travel expenses by 50 percent and it is going to be made effective on an immediate note.

The Major Announcements from Nissan

Along with this, there have been announcements mentioning that the company is going to be closed for two days after new years holidays and the employees will be foregoing their payment for Jan 2 and Jan 3.

Further translation came from Valls informing that the employees will get a 9.2 percent pay cut in January for those paid monthly and for those getting the pay biweekly, will not be paid for those two days.

Nissan also operates a large engineering centre in Farmington hills, Mich which is a  design studio in San Diego, and various other offices around the country. Valls was clear in the memo that the piece of news may be unsettling and that it will affect their livelihood.

The immediate mandatory closure is going to effect all of Nissans US operations including the automakers headquarters in Nashville and the financial arm of Nissan Motors Acceptance Corp, are also included in cost cutting.

Nissan declined to make an executive available for an interview but a spokesperson mentioned that no layoffs are planned at this time.

And not to forget that the cost cutting measures pertaining to the sales drop is going towards a potential industrial downturn and the automaker is slogging through a painful pivot away.



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