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    No plans on EV for Ferrari in next five Years.

    There is no fun play for Ferrari, and they will not, just for its sake, go for an electric one. They are all relied on upcoming o a serious concrete battery before moving in. You may hear about the groundbreaking thing from Ferrari, the supercar, SF90. But you must also admit the key feature here was a first plug-in Hybrid.

    What seems more astonishing is the fact that it was pretty obvious that Ferrari intents to move into electrification. But at the same time, the company officials have now made it clear that there aren’t any definitive plans to develop a pure EV. At least in the next five years.

    According to sources, Enrico Galliera, the chief marketing officer of Ferrari, said they are well aware of competitors entering the arena with new technology. But this makes them least bothered. There is no Ferrari specific niche.

    According to them, there is not battery yet for their supercar, but they wish to change the situation for good as well.

    So, they will look for the time when they can implement the electrification into the Ferrari DNA. This will make us wait for the best from some time. This is what they possess as their uniqueness. The best or it shall not come at all.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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