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    Orange Is The New Black Season 8: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Detail !!!

    Hi there, You loved the Orange is the new black season 7? And waiting for the Orange is the new black season 8. If so then this article for you. We have full information for this forthcoming series. Stay with us till the end of this report.

    Orange Is The New Black Season 8

    Orange is the new black season 8 is an American tv series. This series relies on Piper Kerman’s memoir,” Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison (2010), about her adventures at FCI Danbury, a minimum-security prison. The series was created and adapted for television by Jenji Kohan.

    The Orange is the new black season 7 as released on 26 July 2019 on Netflix. This narrative is based on the experiences of prisoners and a few of whom live in immigration detention centers.

    Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

    Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, a former inmate
    Natasha Lyonne as Nicky Nichols, inmate
    Uzo Aduba as Suzanne Warren, inmate
    Danielle Brooks as Tasha”Taystee” Jefferson, inmate
    Jackie Cruz as Marisol”Flaca” Gonzales, inmate
    Laura Gómez as Blanca Flores, inmate
    Selenis Leyva as Gloria Mendoza, inmate
    Taryn Manning as Tiffany”Pennsatucky” Doggett, inmate
    Adrienne C. Moore as Cindy”Black Cindy” Hayes, inmate
    Matt Peters as Joel Luschek, correctional officer

    Orange Is The New Black Season 8 IMDb ratings and reviews

    The IMDb evaluations of this show are 8.1 out of 10. Which is quite great. For those who don’t see this, it is highly advised to watch this show.

    Here we’ve got a few user’s reviews of this show.


    This series is a seriously funny drama.
    If you like we eds’, ‘Breaking Bad’ or favor your humor on the darker side, then give it a go… you will not be let down.

    Jenji Cohan does it again. This series covers the life span of an innocent minded woman going through the issues of fitting in to among the worst areas to prison. During her sentence, she learns the do’s and doesn’t’s. She finds living her suburban lifestyle won’t function. Just like our favorite drug coping mom, Nancy Botwin, she sees fast and not always economically.
    The narrative of the typical early-30s female yuppie who gets sent to jail for 15 months for a crime she committed 10 years earlier. Season 1 Episode 1 reveals her checking to the prison, and the remainder is what goes on inside, in addition to the consequences of her incarceration for her friends and family.
    I love so a Number of the characters and everything they go through! I am just now seeing the previous season and so far pretty good although I think that the first 5 seasons would be the best. Lots of crazy personalities, intense episodes, satisfying wins, and a great soundtrack! OITNB is a phenomenal perspective of what it is like for women prisoners in several aspects. Finally, I love the excitement I feel in the start credits, a pleasant mixture of jolly and dim.
    Outside of”Breaking Bad”, “Game of Thrones”, and”Walking Dead”, this is the best show right now. What great personality development. Jenji Kohan made it right this moment. Kohan’s other endeavor, “Weeds”, began out an excellent show for the first two seasons, then just begun to feel pressured and ridiculous- you also kept losing compassion for the protagonist. The protagonist with this show has much more promise, and each one of the characters is mysterious but round in their development. The flashbacks provide a much wider comprehension of their background and what drives them, similar to”Lost”, which mostly proved effective.
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    Release Date Of Orange Is The New Black

    Unfortunately, We do not any release date yet. And the creators of this haven’t declared the release date or anything relating to this season 8. Perhaps we aren’t getting the eighth installment of this show.

    Best Quotes Of Orange Is The New Black

    “All problems are boring until they are your own.” — Red

    “No offense, but, uh, guys being in control hasn’t done me any good.” — Pennsatucky

    “No. This year I am loving somebody who deserves me: Me.” — Suzanne

    “Sometimes people just don’t want to play with you. And that’s OK!” — Suzanne

    “You do not move Jessica Simpson when you have got Rihanna.” — Morello

    “If you’re not building a future, it is because you don’t think there is a future.” –Vee

    “Yeah, I said dumb twice, just to highlight how stupid that is!” — Pennsatucky

    “It’s so disappointing being suppressed as you get older.” — Irma

    On love: “It’s just chilling, you know? Kickin’ it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes. And like, not wanting to go to sleep cuz then you might be without’em for a moment and you don’t need that.” — Washington

    “I am scared that I’m not myself and I’m fearful I am.” — Piper

    Some more quotes from this show

    “Before I met with all that the sun was similar to a yellow grape. But now, it seems like fire in the sky. Why? Since you light a fire inside me” — Suzanne

    “The second you’re perceived as weak, you already are.” — Crimson

    On winning a mock job fair: “This is not a competition. You do your best because that is what you are supposed to do. Why is it so hard for you people to understand? You’re like babies! “Where’s my present?” “Pay attention to me!” “Give me things!” “Fix the warmth!” “Build a fitness center!” I am not your goddamn mommy. Grow up! In acknowledgment of your hard work and success, an award of $10 will be added to your commissary fund. Enjoy.” — Natalie

    “I’m thankful for you women who remind me daily that self-forgiveness is potential.” — Yoga Jones

    On getting the entire story: “I mean, she told me how she traveled after school. But she failed to mention the lesbian lover who conducted a global drug-smuggling ring. Imagine my surprise.” — Larry

    “Lots of people are dumb and live full, productive lives.” — Alameda

    Any Trailer Of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

    We don’t the official trailer of this upcoming eighth installment of the series. But we’ve got a movie based on this subject. This is a claimed video for informative purposes only.

    Bottom Lines

    In this article, we covered the launch date, plot, and cast of the upcoming season. And provided some information about this show.

    Do you have anything on the mind which you want to ask us with this sequel then proceed to inquire anything in our emails or in the comment section which is guided under? If you liked our attempts then please let us know that also, in our comments section, your small efforts will help us to develop.



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