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    Outlander deleted scene: Young Ian scene cut from season 5 Ended

    Young Ian (played by John Bell) was in chaos since he returned to Fraser’s Ridge in Outlander season five, with him taking hemlock from Claire Fraser’s (Caitriona Balfe) performance so he could take his own life. He had hinted to his uncle, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), that something catastrophic had happened when was utilizing all the Mohawk but fans were not given the particulars. His storyline was not concluded in the last series and lovers are optimistic they’ll find out.

    Diana Gabaldon, who composed the Outlander books the series is based upon, has revealed she wrote a spectacle for Ian’s return which the showrunners chose not to use.

    “So about Ian, the primary argument was that they wanted Ian’s past to be hinted at,” she clarified.

    “And said,’We need Some Kind of concrete sign as to what’s happened to him telling the story.”‘

    Diana went to write something but directors believed that it was too much for viewers to watch ancient.

    Outlander deleted scene:’Explicit’ Young Ian scene cut from year 5 revealed (Picture: STARZ)
    Outlander deleted scene: Fans did not have to find out exactly why Young Ian returned (Picture: STARZ)
    “So I’d composed a brief scene in which Ian is coming home to the Ridge,” she informed Town & Country.
    “And he stops at a distance and can be sitting there, taking a look at the light in the chimney, and feeling outdoors and lonely.

    “I’d composed in a brief flashback there, where we see him with the Mohawk.

    “He was in a timber and looking out through the leaves in something.

    “And we simply find a close up of a lady’s hands folding back a bull hide from the face of a deceased baby, and then folding it back and placing it into a tree limb.”

    Diana continued:: They believed that was too explicit so they took out it.

    “The lineup:’It is something between a man and his spouse’ is as close as they needed to move.”

    Fans have plenty of theories with a few imagining she had been a time traveler, about what happened between his wife and Young Ian.

    Now lovers think she may have traveled ensuring they never find each other.

    Reddit customer cheese_bread_boye theorized:”Someone pointed out about his interaction with Fergus and Marsali’s child, he seemed dismissive, his girl could have experienced a miscarriage or anything like this.”

    About the time-traveling capability of Claire, Young Ian didn’t understand at the moment but he triumphed he understood she was holding a secret.


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