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    Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything

    Peaky Blinders, a crime genre set in the era of the British period after world war 1 ended in late 1918. It is a television series starring some talented actors collectively as a youth gangster called the ‘Peaky Blinders’.

    When will season 6 go on air?

    The last 5 seasons gave an exhilarating experience to the audiences, making them relive the British era after world war 1 concluded. The first 4 seasons were aired on BBC two while the fifth season shifted to BBC one and concluded in September 2019. Season 6 is likely to come into the picture very soon by early 2021, after the last season.

    Peaky Blinders: Cast and Crew

    Tommy Shelby is the second oldest brother in charge of the family, with siblings Arthur Shelby(oldest brother), John Shelby, and sister Ada Shelby. Freddie Thorn plays the role of the communist fiance of Ada. Polly Gray is the aunt of Shelbys. On the other side, we have Chester as the chief inspector, Grace as his undercover agent. Lee’s family, Kimber, Finn Shelby, Michael Gray( Polly’s son ), Name Lee, Alfie Solomans, Darby Sabini, Oddfellows, Tatiana, Angel, Hughes, Luca, Abarama Gold are other important characters in the play.

    Probable Plot of Season 6

    The story revolves around the protagonist Tommy who’s the leader of the ‘Peaky Blinders’. The story starts in the year of 1918 Birmingham, England where the Shelbys want to rip off the primary bookmaker in the region and emerge as the largest bookmaker. In the course of doing so, they steal a huge cache of a machine gun which makes them the most wanted amongst the IRA, communist, and British government. The last 5 seasons revolve around how the Blinders are chased by the rivals and how they can overcome them even after facing betrayal multiple times. In season 6 we would probably see Tommy being entangled by new lows after being betrayed by his cousin Michael Gray. Also, his failed assassination of Oswald Moseley would probably bring disgrace at its most.

    Ratings of the show

    It has been rated 8.8/10 by IMDb, 92% by rotten tomatoes. Just as its high ratings it has highly fascinated its audiences.


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