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Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything !!!

Fans of Pirates of The Caribbean can stay calm for some time. We all know what’s going on with Johnny Depp. Additionally, reports about him not being a part of the swashbuckler series feels like a shocker. But we could be jumping too soon on the decisions because there’s hope for Depp to remain part of the series.

What’s Happening With Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp recently lost his libel case with News Group Newspapers. After a time, he addressed his supporters on his Instagram he had been asked to step down from the function of Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts series. The role, as announced a few weeks earlier, will be performed with Mads Mikkelsen now.

In the case of the Pirates of The Caribbean collection, Depp was set to reprise his role in the sixth film as per reports in early 2020. But, Disney has obstructed the chance of him returning. Apart from this, an insider, Daniel Richtman noted that Disney is planning for ten more jobs, including television series and spin-off movies. Margot Robbie is set to direct into a spinoff movie officially.

How Can He Return?

It is being said that Disney followed the footsteps of Warner Bros. and wants to remove Depp in the upcoming Pirates projects. There hasn’t been much information regarding the sixth film. But it is for sure it is in evolution. There were reports that Disney wanted to throw Karen Gillan from the film.

Since Disney has remained mum regarding Depp, we cannot be sure that he is a part. But because there’s not been any official statement, he could still be in. If there is a female guide, then Depp’s Jack Sparrow would play a leading role. Disney has stated before that it wants to add new energy and vitality to the series.

Among the screenwriters also verified that Disney was likely to reboot the series, which can be accurate because the Margot Robbie spinoff is happening. Depp may also be a part of this film, although this might be a cameo. On the flip side, Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer was in talks with Disney to keep Depp.

Why Depp Needs to Come Back?

Since the reports and the vague reaction by Disney, lovers are reluctant not to see Jack Sparrow in the sixth movie. But they all agree on one thing — Jack Sparrow set the tone for those movies. Quite simply”He WAS Pirates of the Caribbean”. While other characters had a more serious demeanor, Captain Jack Sparrow has been different.

Jack Sparrow was notorious for constantly getting into trouble and escaping dramatically. He had many enemies and always had an ulterior motive. Despite this, he maintained a sense of humor and even aided his allies in need. When you consider the franchise, it won’t be surprising that Jack Sparrow is exactly what initially appears on your mind.

Abruptly removing Jack Sparrow would not go well with Disney. Even if they seek to reboot, they need to do this gradually with this character. We would enjoy a nice departure and Disney knows the probability of handling this badly.


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