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    Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Recent Update !!!

    Can Pirates Of The Caribbean ever feel Full without Johnny Depp? It’s far from our imagination to see an installment without Jack Sparrow. However, things have turned upside down since Amber Heard’s domestic violence allegations. The celebrity was ousted by Disney and a spin-off is presently in the making with Margot Robbie indirect.

    Ever since the news of Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 was announced, Depp lovers are annoyed. They need their preferred to be a part of the project. Now, as per a couple of reports, Disney is re-considering the celebrity’s revival in their franchise.

    Rumors are rife that the petitions have compelled the makers to reconsider. For your unversed, there is a viral request that demands Johnny Depp be seen in Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 unless he decides to not. Over 500,000 signatures are registered till now.

    Additionally, some others assert that when Johnny Depp receives the chance to get a retrial against The Sun, it could already prove to be a massive win! Disney would probably rope him and that could be a massive turnaround in his dwindling career.

    There also remains a famed YouTube station, Viral Vision that asserts that the makers are in discussions with JD for revival! While that remains the expectation of lovers, some others have nevertheless quashed these reports.

    Entertainment insider Daniel Richtman recently shared with a tweet. He mentioned that Disney is set to move ahead with Pirates Of The Caribbean spin-off with no Johnny Depp. What’s more, his tweet also suggests that as many as 10 jobs are from the pipe-line in the franchise. Including films, in addition to, series. But none of them may see Johnny as a cast member.

    Well, only time will tell whether Depp is part of the Pirates franchise or not. What do you want? Share with us in the comment section below.


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