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    Porsche Taycan: Bill Gates choice?

    Porsche Taycan might be the electric evolution the world had been waiting for. The world looks to bend towards the electric vehicles. And with conditions on Earth getting worst, this might be the only alternative to clean air. Fossil fuels were not dug to last, we were gonna exhaust. The electric Porsche Taycan may not be the first electric to have the company’s tag. But since its announcement, it is said to be the most awaited one.

    Porsche’s transition from a six-cylinder engine to electric motors is anticipated. The reason why it made everyone so curious is rather easy to understand: We know how Porsches handle and everyone wanted to see how they incorporated the instant torque of an EV into their creation.

    The sporty look is gazing…

    When you look at this car, you will instantly fall in love with it. At least this might be the reason that the world’s richest guy, Bill Gates owns a one.

    The redesigned front meets the sporty status very well. The front-end has those typical Porsche lines, that low-slung nose, and even the trademark four LEDs in the headlights, as you see on most cars made by the German manufacturer.

    The Taycan is a 4-door coupe with a new platform designed specifically for electric line ups. The wide rear of the Taycan is something new. There’s a beautiful LED strip going from side to side and the Porsche name is engraved in 3D letters hidden underneath a glass cover.

    The door opens to the future…

    This Porsche electric went far to be button-free. Yes, you heard it right. There are no physical buttons in this vehicle. The center control has a display as the infotainment system. The instrument cluster is also a digital screen.

    The main display is integrated into the dashboard. Almost everything can be controlled from there. The HVAC system is also included in the panel itself. You expect it to react to your touch, just like a phone’s screen does, but that’s not the case. You have to press on it, to get it to respond, just like you would on a physical button.

    Taycan has an optional second screen for the passenger also. It is fitted right in front of them. It shows every info that the driver receives. Be its charge status, the taco reading, and everything we would forget. The interior is classy, as the Porsche is known for. The leather seats with premium finishes and materials are comfortable to gush in when the Taycan accelerates.

    On the sides, you’ll find pictures of various functions, hiding touch-sensitive buttons. The old lights cluster, for example, is replaced by four touch-sensitive icons on the left side of this screen.

    The in-cabin is spacious unless you are too tall, like 6-feet-ish. The panoramic roof offers a bit more space. The visibility is good. This Porsche has its battery beneath the floor, but the seats are still low and offer a comfortable seating position.

    The driver’s experience…

    As Taycan is an electric vehicle, the quick acceleration is implied. And also the silence, but wait… Unlike other cars, the Taycan also comes with an electric sport sound, if you want. It’s a sound pumped through the speakers to emulate the sensation of speed. The Taycan gets its power from two electric motors. One in the front axle and another in the rear on.

    Incase of Taycan 4S, you can choose between two battery options, Performance battery and Performance+ battery.

    As for the energy each battery can store, the base version will offer 71 kWh while the optional Performance+ version will offer almost 84 kWh. Both those figures are net, the actually usable capacities of the batteries, excluding the buffer.

    Nevertheless, the 0-62 mph sprint is the same in both cars, rated at 4 seconds flat. It may sound slow but the drag on the driver is not less than those speedy cars. There is a 2-speed transmission gearbox. The first gear is only for sports mode and to amplify the performance at lower speeds and the second one to enhance efficiency.

    How far does the Taycan go?

    Let’s end this chapter with the most important trait. The average consumption of this vehicle is 21kWh per 100 km. That means it gives a range of 400km in a single charge. Outside the city limits, at an average speed of 75 km/h (46.5 mph), the energy consumption dropped to 17.7 kWh, adding up to a range of about 475 km (295 miles). We can say, whatever type of driver handles the Porsche Taycan, an average range of 200-300 miles is what this vehicle can deliver at worst.

    Rishabh Chugh
    Rishabh Chugh
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