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Power Book 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And all you need to know about the Crime Web Drama

The popular crime thriller series, ‘Power’ is back, but this time not with another exciting season but an ultimate new spin-off, in the name of Power Book 2. The series Power successfully premiered 6 beautiful seasons, where the sixth concluded the end. The viewers must be excited to see its next part. Let us know more about the new series, Power Book 2:Ghost.


The last episode of the Power series, the sixth season was premiered on 9th February 2020, and the new spin-off is expected to be the after scene of the concluding season.

Power Book 2 has released its first episode on June 14 this year and is getting many positive reviews from the viewers.


The show stars Clifford Smith, Mary J Blige, Daniel Bellomy, Gianni Paolo, Justin McManus, Paige Hurd, and others.


The plot follows two days after the scene of the series last episode of Power, where most of the characters are seen dying and the remaining will be the cast of the new show, along with some more faces to be seen. As the previous season focuses on the life of a person who is a businessman on one side while on the other is also a drug dealer.

The new season shows Tariq’s life and his desire to rescue his family. It also shows his life in college and his first assignment to save her mother from prison.

However, this is not the end and the makers also announced about the new project Force which is again a sequel of the original series.


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