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    Racing Point boss talks over delay on new factory

    Last time, when Lawrence Stroll took control, there were new plans. It was the then Force India 2018 team. And plans were to announce for a new factory for the team. The team was to go up ahead in next August. And it is now known as the Racing Point. But there is a new role here. As boss Otmar Szafnauer reveals that the date will be extended for a year. Talking of the present, Racing Point continues to operate outside its factory. And it is an originally built house for the Jordan team. It is the same since their debut in F1 races from 1991. And Otmar reveals why there is this delay, whereas it seems a necessity.

    Otmar tells us to focus on the timeframe of the teams. He says it was a tight schedule. They needed to break ground for their project in the first half. Then only they shall be able to move in by August 2021. But things have taken up a turn. They were in complete lockdown in the first quarter. They are Fine impositions, So they put hold on the factory as there was no progress for the factory. They lost a lot of time due to pandemic, and no way was for August 2021. The only sense it was to postpone the date by a year. They also want to focus on racing, the thing they are here for, and not moving factories.

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