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Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Is It Cancelled? All Update Know

In case Ragnarok sounds familiar to you, most probably you could associate it with the among the Avengers and most of Marvel. We are surely referring to Norse Mythology here, however, maybe not precisely related to the MCU.

Ragnarok Season 2

Ragnarok is a Norwegian dream drama show, the second one by Netflix in the language. The six-episode series premiered on Netflix on January 31, 2020, and was received very warmly by the crowd and is looking towards another season. Let us learn more about it.

When Will Season 2 Release?

There were demands for one more year hence, and despite the series facing a backlash, the audiences tend to have a good feeling about the show, Netflix renewed the show for another season.

But there is no information about when it will release and when it’ll have the same amount of episodes as the very first season. Also, the pandemic may delay the creation further and is sure to cast its shadows.

Concerning The Series

Ragnarok is set in Western Norway town of Edda and follows a teenaged boy named until four giants stand up. The Jotuns are responsible for climate change, and industrial contamination from the city and Magne is.
The forthcoming season could research the remaining Jotuns going after Magne and perhaps a revelation about Magne’s parentage.

Ragnarok Season 2: Cast

Most of the cast members will likely go back to reprise their roles with the happenings from the season. The instant cast includes:

• David Stakston as Magne Seier
• Emma Bones Gry
• Jonas Strand Gravli as Lauritis Seier
• Herman Fjor


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