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Red Bull good with Verstappen and Albon for Vettel’s Return

Sebastian went well with Red Bull. They go for thirty-eight wins, sixty-five podiums, and 44 poles. They also got four championships. So, we may give it a thought that Red Bull may want back him on the team. And we went to hear from Christian Horner.

The red bull Boss Christian Horner recently went on to say that it is going to be a headache to have Vettel Lewis’s partnership for Mercedes. But he also believes it a great thing to spectate. He saw this question coming if the driver t make a shock return to his team.


He went back to his beautiful moments. According to him, it was a great moment to work with Sebastian. They did achieve great heights in championships together. He added the four back to back championship with him was a great deed too. He is proud of his decisions, Sebastian took for himself. And Horner is well aware that he must have invested a lot of thought into this. But he is also very happy with the team he is with right now, the line up in the place.

Albon from Toro Rosso in 2019, is through 2020 and Verstappen adorns the team till 2023. Verstappen signed a contract at the beginning of this season. Horner is quite ambitious of his bold choices with company on drivers’ choices and still holds the same views.


They are ideal with Alex, getting better and Max, with the long term contract. And they also want to go beyond 2021 with them.



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