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    Renault Morphoz introduced electric hybrid of the future as the shape-shifting

    Renault has raised the virtual veils of its new concept car. The Morphoz, with the 2020 Geneva Motor Show no longer up.

    The name tells you this is not your ordinary concept vehicle from the very beginning.

    This is a forming hybrid model with Artificial Intelligence, Level 3 automation. So, an all-electric powertrain based on the new CMF-EV architecture that will support a new Renault EV family.

    From a lightweight 249-mile crossover to a mid-size 435-mile crossover:

    The Renault Morphoz’s most intriguing part is arguably its ability to “physically. Technically transition between two ways, based on driver needs.”

    The new architecture requires the batteries to be mounted in the rear below the concrete. Providing a low center of gravity and a short bonnet. This also results in a longer cabin. So, the potential of moving the dashboard forward when required to free up additional storage. And passenger space–particularly rear passenger legroom.

    Furthermore, the fact that there is no transmitting tunnel leads to expanded leg space.

    Thus the Renault Morphoz will turn into two different modes:

    a shorter City and a longer version of Fly. The Morphoz in City mode is 4.40-meters (173.2-in) long with a wheelbase of 2.73-meters (107.5-in). So, it comes equipped with a 40 kWh battery providing up to 400 km (249 miles) of range, suitable for regular urban and suburban use.

    The Morphoz is 4.80-meters (189-in) long in Travel mode, with the wheelbase still rising to 2.93 meters (115.3 in). This requires additional battery space to accommodate. Which offers a more comfortable interior. In this mode, the vehicle can be fitted with a battery pack of 90 kWh Travel Extender giving a total range of 435 miles (700 km).

    Whether you’re wondering how the extending cycle operates precisely. The electric car can elongate. Because it transforms into Travel mode at a pre-determined battery station. Where the vehicle’s undertray opens and additional batteries can be added in just a few seconds. The driver will then stop at another station to return the extra batteries and revert back to City configuration.


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