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    Renault Triber saves Rs. 40000 for you!!

    The automobile industry is a very attractive part of our daily life. Here we get deals that surprise us even by existing. One of such is offered now. For the month of May, Renault is offering benefits up to Rs. 40,000. This quite impressive offer is implied if you buy a brand new Triber 7 seater.

    The interested customers can avail of this offer through the company’s website or via some of the selected dealerships in your locality. Most of these selected dealerships are those who have restarted operations in the country. Talking about this benefit it includes many other ones as well. The overall benefit of Triber is an Rs.20000 exchange bonus and rs. 10000 loyalty bonus point. Along with these, the Renaults also offers Rs. 10000 discount in the form of a bonus for some of the selected corporates. It also applies to farmers, gram panchayat members as well, along with others.

    Not only these discounts and benefits, but Renaults is offering more. Renault is going on to offer certain finance schemes with Triber this month. This 7 seater can be bought with a special 8.99 percent rate of interest and an EMI holiday program. Thus, this enables the buyers to pay the EMI only after three months from the car’s purchase. Talking about the stats and components of the Renault Triber, we shall first talk of the powertrain. The Renault Triber receives its power from the BS6 compliant engine. It is a 1 liter, three-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine. The engine puts off a 72 hp and 96 Nm of torque. The gearbox is the 5-speed manual one, on offer for Triber as of now.

    Renault Triber Interior

    We also come to know that Renault is in the process of launching the AMT equipped Triber in the coming weeks. And also, the automatic is going for sales in three trim levels. They will be the RxL, RxT, and RxZ. Also, This is going to be 50000 costlier than the manual versions. And for this, the preparations are all done. Renault is already equipping a turbo-petrol iteration of the Triber. This will go a new 1.0-liter, three-cylinder turbo-petrol HR10 engine that makes 95hp.

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    Furious Mad
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