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    Resident Evil 8: Finally Out Now?? Biggest Advantage to PS5 and Xbox Onea? Check Availablity on PS4..

    Capcom showed off the terror game and its appearance during Sony’s Future of Gaming before in June, in which it surfaced a new trailer and informed me the game would arrive at some stage in 2021.

    The trailer showed us a few exciting elements about the game — we view werewolves, Chris Redfield and seemingly some witches — but there is still a lot we do not know more about the game.

    So, according to the rumor, that PlayStation gamers will have one enormous advantage over Xbox players.

    Dusk Golem, a famous and respected industry insider that’s been an excellent resource for many things Resident Evil 8 thus much, has teased the game will be playable at PlayStation VR.

    Many users appreciated the in-your-face immersion terror and complete — of Resi 7 therefore; it makes sense that Capcom would like to maintain this aspect alive from the sequel.

    In this stage of the next-gen console conflict, which may propel several players into needing to obtain a PlayStation 5 instead of an Xbox Series X — if you have already received PSVR, that is compatible with PS5; it is sensible to purchase in the game ecosystem.

    Dusk Golem is a leaker, although PSVR at Resi 8 has not been verified by Capcom. Nevertheless, take this advice.

    “Set a couple of years after the dreadful events at the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7; the all-new storyline begins with Ethan Winters along with his wife Mia living peacefully at a brand new place, free in their previous accusations,” reads a press release to the game.

    “As they’re constructing their new life together, catastrophe befalls them again. The hero in the Resident Evil series, Chris Redfield, spiraling Ethan and disrupts his lifetime, is reacquainted with the bunch.

    “A devastated Ethan finds himself at a distant snow-capped village looking for answers after being thrown into a new nightmare.”

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