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    Resident Evil 8 On PS5 Could Be Next-Generation Console

    Capcom’s Resident Evil 8 on PS5 could be a significant selling point for Sony’s next-generation console. Recent rumors suggested the franchise’s next installment could be cross-generation. However, the PlayStation 5 event that went live on June 11, 2020, revealed that the game would only be accessible on next-generation consoles and PC. The main reason behind this game’s next-gen and PC only availability is so the programmer can avoid the existence of loading screens.

    Resident Evil 8 returns players to a first-person perspective and occurs after each other game in the series. Though the game is the primary setup in the franchise, its official name is Resident Evil Village owing to its setting. The game has no official release date. However, it will have a launch window of 2021.

    According to AestheticGamer via Twitter, Resident Evil Village will encourage PSVR and says that it means fans shouldn’t be concerned about the game’s frame rate since the company will be aiming to get a steady 60 frames per second. AestheticGamer is a renowned industry insider, responsible for leaking many speculations concerning Resident Evil 8 for the last few months. While the game has touted VR support, the 60 frames per second are essential for gamers who want the best quality from the title.

    Though most comments don’t directly respond to the frame rate or VR pieces, fans have taken to Twitter to remark. Some enthusiasts are more concerned about the game’s perspective, some wanting the ability to switch between first- and third-person while some are thrilled the game is first-person only. One enthusiast replied like this, “I believe re7 was mega easy in terms of gameplay, this is gonna be the same; it is not possible to be under 60 fps…”

    VR is still an up and coming technological progress in the video game market. While many games have begun encouraging the advantage, it’s still in a stage. This isn’t to say it is poorly designed or overutilized that it has essential strides before it turns into a mainstay or the most common way to play, to make. Many gamers still prefer to play without VR, as the headsets tend to be a turn-off for some fans, while some prefer to keep some semblance of reality while they play with. For a few, they are prevented by VR from seeing or hearing what’s happening in the world, making them unable to react if somebody were to talk to them. However, Resident Evil 8’s details suggestion in a game that can make full use of that type of technology without excluding anyone – a winning combination for everybody, and especially for the PS5.


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