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    Resident Evil 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot And All the Recent Update

    Sony’s long-awaited PS5 reveal event was big on first-party exclusives, by the reveal of titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon II: Forbidden West. However, in the middle of those reveals were some third party names, including the introduction of Resident Evil 8: Village. While the title is verified to be coming into systems in 2021, Capcom shared a few details on what we could expect from the next setup of this series.

    After the match’s announcement in Sony’s PS5 reveals event, Capcom shared a developer video using a message from the manufacturers of Resident Evil 8, Tsuyoshi Kanda, and Peter Fabiano. In the movie, Fabiano and Kanda shared information about what to expect from this franchise’s new installment, and the next-generation consoles will deliver this horror vision to life.

    Kanda and Fabiano addressed that the official title of the match is”Resident Evil: Village,” but are still treating it as the eighth core installment of the series, as noticed from the Roman numeral”VIII” from the title. The producers also confirmed that such as RE7, the RE2 and RE3 remakes, and Devil May Cry 5, RE8 would be using the RE Engine using some enhancements for its next-generation consoles. Mainly, RE8 will utilize the ability of the next-gen systems to boost the horrifying visuals that players will experience to draw them further in with no load times between areas. The manufacturers also said that RE8 would sense somewhat more action-focused this time around in its gameplay, and gave a fast glimpse at the inventory system, which is like RE7 and RE2/3.

    The producers also confirmed that RE8 will happen several years after the events of Resident Evil 7, and will last the story of Ethan Winters from his perspective. Chris Redfield will also return in RE8, however, has a noticeably different physical appearance and a far darker demeanor in comparison to the way we’ve seen him previously. Based on Kanda and Fabiano, Chris is”why Ethan’s life gets turned upside down,” and seems to be taking on more of an antagonistic role this time around.

    In addition to characters and this story, the manufacturers voiced that the titular village that players will investigate is a core part of the sport. Kanda and Fabiano described the town as”very much its personality,” and that it will play”a vital role as the background and setting of the match,” adding to the eeriness and suspense that gamers will see in another Resident Evil name. On the other hand, the producers closed out the movie by saying that we’ll get to know more about the game towards the end of the summer.

    Resident Evil 8: Village will release for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021.


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