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Resident Evil 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Game News

While the players continue to enjoy the excellent action present in Resident Evil 3 Using its impressive remake, others carefully adhere to the leaks exposed by insiders to a brand new work by the company. The arrival of Resident Evil 8 is still in the hands of speculation. Still, it doesn’t prevent fans from looking forward to it, especially with the advent of new info using Biohazard Declassified.

As indicated months before, the match will have a darker setting, and it would be that in prior installments. And the company would be betting on the occult as a new component, which could bring a unique experience because we will have not only the supernatural aspect but a brand new virus that is transmitted by air, and that could trigger hallucinations. A virus that would arrive followed by the primary villain Alan R, whose castle will explore other poor men like Alex Wesker and Natalia.

Another part confirmed in the rumor is that the players would not be restricted to interior places. Still, the corporation would seek out attach importance to open outside locations, especially when it comes to natural landscapes. Something which fits with previous rumors that signaled the existence of forests, and we will combine with the exploration of old buildings. At the same time, we have the support of a flashlight, an object that, as they say, will have a limited life also, though it will recharge itself,” We do not know precisely how much time it could take or how it will be used.

And when it comes to principal characters, it appears Chris Redfield would have a part, even when it is unknown what exactly it will be since it is also mentioned that we might know a dark side of it. However, what has indicated is that Emily would be the protagonist who tries to help Ethan, who works to understand what’s happened to her son when helping Emily to find her father. Where Chris might have ended the life of Ethan’s child because he isn’t a child and has deformations all wrapped into a narrative.

However, for now, we recall that this can be rumors, there’s not any confirmation And, although exciting, we’ll have to wait a little longer to understand the real plans of Capcom.


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