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    Resident Evil 8 The Upcoming PS5 Game Reveal Event

    According to a current escape, Resident Evil fans may get a vital statement later this week, at Sony’s postponed PS5 match reveal event. If the flow is to be believed, then among the upcoming PS5 games due to be shown throughout the event is Resident Evil 8.

    The Upcoming PS5 Game Reveal Event

    The big game that is PS5 of the sony show event was scheduled for the 4th of June. However, as protests spread around the world against police brutality and injustice, Sony made a choice. (And to not distract from the objections and more essential messages elsewhere.) Now, that event has been rescheduled with this Thursday, the 11th of June.

    Now, rumors about its announcement along with Resident Evil 8 have been circulating on the internet. Of course, there is no accurate information as this type of leak should be taken with a grain of salt. However, a noted source of Resident Evil leaks, who’d claimed that RE8 would be declared by August, is now saying it will feature at this week’s event.

    To back up their claim, they noticed that the whole Resident Evil series lately went on sale. While not uncommon in and of itself, the timing is notable; the sale began before the 4th of June. Capcom often holds such earnings ahead of a show, and the 4th has been the first date of the PS5 event. (whenever the game’s reveal might initially have been scheduled.) It can not be ruled out as a possibility, although Obviously, this could be a coincidence.

    As of yet, no name which may feature in the function has been confirmed by Sony. The credible rumor so far is that the event will include the show of the 2020 Call of Duty. Given the close ties with Sony of Capcom with regards to the Resident Evil series, a Resident Evil isn’t out of the question either as Resident Evil fans should probably tune in to the PS5 event on Thursday.


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