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    Ricciardo, frustrated by 10th, claims to get a better position in next.

    Daniel Ricciardo moves forward to capture the Q3, after a good position 10 this strong Friday on Austria. Though he saw his wishes to come true, the player was very frustrated with the yellow flag on his final Q3. Thus, it went as a limit to no more than 10 on the grid. He made up top Q3, unlike the new teammate Esteban Ocon, who came 14th in his first qualifying match. It was the moments of the last lap when Ricciardo was in good form, but yellow flags were making him slow down, as Mercedes Valtteri Bottas slid off the track at turn 4.

    According to him, when asked if he was happy, he claims it was a bittersweet incident. He believes he must be satisfied, but he isn’t. The last lap makes him feel unlucky. It was final, and Bottas went off. He didn’t see him off and think the yellow was for no reason. But, then, he had to slow down. And later, it was a confirmation, and Ricciardo was wrong. Ther isn’t much to do about in such conditions.

    Though, he is still optimistic, despite the fact seeing his future team beating back Renault. But it is sure, and he was happier than Ocon. Ocon was in no shape of knowing where he got the large gap. He was sure of a clean lap, but he didn’t get one.

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