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    Rick and Morty season 4 Release Date, Cast, plot, And LEND YOUR VOICE IN RICK & MORTY

    Rick and Morty season 4: Engage in the dubbing of new episodes by Adult Swim.

    While the summer holidays and 2020 claim to be void this season, due to the epidemic of Covid-19, Adult Swim offers you to test activity as fresh as first. The app? Through a contest, you are offered a chance to give your voice to a character in year 4 of Morty and Rick by the chain.

    Why just five episodes of season 4 of Morty & Rick are they available on Netflix? There are only two reasons for it. The first is Adult Swim — the series that produces the comedy of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, who still owns the exclusive rights into the next part (the following is suggested VOSTFR). The future of those five episodes, as yet hidden on the platform, has not doubled.



    Nonetheless, there’s great news to announce to you that will ease your frustration. Better yet, Adult Swim even provides you the opportunity to participate. Yes, you read that right, you now have a chance to give your voice to one of the characters from this period 4.

    The way to do it? Nothing could be more simple. Share/like their posts under, and you need to follow Adult Swim on Twitter and Instagram. However, the small condition is quite critical, you must undoubtedly be accessible on 2 July, and you’ll find on Paris daily. Should you satisfy both of these conditions, you need to wait until June 29, 2020, 08h59, to validate your involvement. Good luck.


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