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    Rivian R1 T and R1S hybrid pickup and SUV postponed by coronavirus until 2021

    As expected due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. V startup Rivian’s widely awaited R1 T pickup truck and R1S SUV won’t hit the market in late 2020.

    So, the 400-mile battery-electric cars that were seen for the first time at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show will now launch in 2021, Amy Mast. A Rivian spokeswoman, told Chicago Tribune in an email Monday.

    Rivian was in the process of retrofitting a former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois. But had to send staff home on March 18 after continuing home-stay orders to deal with the pandemic had been placed in effect. A video released on April 1 reveals the success Rivian has made in converting the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport plant. Which previously used to build it.

    The company is taking action to help reduce the damage. A couple of vendors, for example, also can work on retooling the factory. Nevertheless, most of Rivian’s 300 staff are at home. Mast told Chicago Tribune that after the partial closure, all Rivian staff. Including seasonal jobs, are paying out in full.

    Last week, Rival EV company Lucid Motors said it postponed the launching of its Air sedan but would still be able to launch production on schedule. The Air expected to enter service in late 2020 at a newly constructed plant in Casa Grande, Arizona.

    Rivian was one of the more successful startup players in the EV space. The firm succeeded in collecting billions from the likes of Amazon, Cox Automotive and Ford. And it has earned orders from Amazon and Ford for upcoming cars. Rivian expected to assemble Amazon delivery vehicles and Ford’s Lincoln brand SUVs.

    Lucid hints for Air electric sedan within 400 + miles of range

    EV startup Lucid has begun showing prospective customers the Air sedan production prototype. Which was first introduced as a concept by the company back in 2016.

    Initially expected in 2018, at the Lucid plant in Arizona. The Air now planned to reach service late this year. The wait means the car has improved significantly since it was first presented as a concept — for the best.


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