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    Royal Enfield Meteor (successor to Royal Enfield Thunderbird)-IAB Make

    Several observations of the forthcoming Royal Enfield Meteor designs have recently released. Several test mules had seen driving along a highway while others had seen parked in a parking lot.

    The first glance at the made image will remind you of the Royal Enfield Thunderbird. Since the Royal Enfield Meteor is indeed a sequel to the Thunderbird.

    So by now, we have an understanding of how this heir to the Royal Enfield Thunderbird will feel like. And using those ideas together with a bit of imagination.


    The first glance at the made illustration will remind you of the Thunderbird in the Royal Enfield. That’s because the Meteor actually looks very similar to that. Features such as a low-height saddle. The looks of a coaster, neutral-positioned rider footpegs, teardrop-like fuel tank, black-out engine, etc. are quite similar to the Thunderbird’s.

    On side panels, we see Meteor branding. The fuel tank also has a modified Royal Enfield design, kind of like what we saw in the new Interceptor 650. It is a small change but it is obvious. The handlebar appears to be set a bit lower to provide a more sporty riding stance without losing much on comfort for the driver. This should be helpful in crunching more miles on this motorcycle.

    For a more sporty look, the front fender shortened a little. The rear fender retained the same but the license plate location, right side turn signals, and taillight changed.

    The license plate is slightly lowered along with the turn signals and tends to be an enlarged portion of the rear fender whereas the taillight, which is round in shape, lies just below the rear seat and rear catch bar. Borrowed the blacked-out alloy wheels from the Thunderbird 350X. The exhaust is also full-black with a long chrome heat shield.


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