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    Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And More Upcoming Detail

    The famous horror-comedy show is again back with its fourth season in the sequence. Santa Clarita Diet was first premiered on Netflix and was very much liked by the viewers. The genre of the show being horror-comedy sounds strange, as to how can a series be horror and comedy at the same time. But Santa Clarita Diet made it possible. With its hight fan followers, the series continued its journey with three seasons, and now finally, it is all set for the fourth. Let us know more about the fourth season of the show.


    The first season of the show was premiered in February 2017, which was followed by the next two seasons in the upcoming years. Season 4 of the show was set for April 2019 but was unfortunately canceled. However, the big fanbase made it possible now.

    However, no official release date for the show is set as of now, yet we can expect the same to be out by 2021.


    The cast of the upcoming show remains same as Drew Barrymore plays the role, Sheila, Timothy Olyphant as Joel, Liv Hewson as Abby, Skyler Cisondo since the personality Eric, Mary Elizabeth Elis act the function, Lisa, Natalie Morales play with the role Annie, Jonathan Slavin as Ron character and others.


    The story is about a couple of couples, Joel and Sheila, who function as a realtor in Santa Clarita. Everything goes fine until Sheila turns into a zombie and begins consuming human flesh. His family, however, tries to help her and make everything back to normal.

    Season 4 of the show is expected to show Sheila biting Joel, which eventually turns him into one of those Zombie-like Sheila. Apart from that, Ron can be seen joining Shelia’s Zombie protecting staff after he abandoned Hammonds. The fourth season is also expected to have funny scenes and will definitely be liked by the viewers.

    Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Trailer


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