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Sette Camara is signed by Red Bull as Trial and Reserve driver

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Since entering their system as Test and Reserve Driver for them and AlphaTauri this season. Brazilian driver Sergio Sette Camara is back in Red Bull colors. He will be sharing the position with Sebastian Buemi who has been Reserve Driver for both teams since 2012.

Sette Camara was part of Red Bull’s 2016 youth program and will be helping Buemi. With simulator work this season. Going to races with AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing alike.

The 21-year-old no stranger to Formula 1 as he the Test and Development Driver at McLaren in 2019. As tested their MCL34 before breaking with the team.

I’m incredibly happy to join the 2020 season. Since I five years old, I’ve been enjoying F1 and I’ve humbled the chance granted.

Sette Camara, who finished fourth in the 2019 Formula 2 Series, now has enough points for an F1 Superlicense.

Red Bull holds Buemi in reserve…

Sebastien Buemi spent 11 seasons with the Red Bull family, starting off with a position as a test driver for the senior team in 2008. For three years he cut his teeth with Toro Rosso, achieving a seventh-best finish, but he failed to win promotion to Red Bull and the Italian team opted not to retain him for a fourth year, contributing to an uncertain future…

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Yet Red Bull saw something on the Swiss racer and signed him up for the 2012 season as their backup. Since then, every year he has fulfilled the position or that of test driver and this relationship will continue into 2019-a 12th year with the family.

Buemi hasn’t let him stop racing because of a lack of opportunities for a full-time seat in F1. Currently quite the reverse. And there was plenty of silverware racking up in his cabinet for a trophy.

Each year since 2012, he has competed for Toyota in the World Endurance Championship, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans last year with fellow F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Kazumi Nakajima.

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