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Spiderman into the web verse 2, Christopher Miller hints at a groundbreaking sequel and other updates

Spiderman into the web verse was released in 2018, and it ended up as the most successful superhero animated movie of that year and arguably the best superhero 3D animated movie of all time. It was ground-breaking in every aspect. It was a visual feast, and it was completely refreshing animation style with enthralling minute details. It introduced a new hero on the big screen and at the same time weaving a story about multiple timelines straight out of comic books which is nothing less than a big achievement.

Spiderman Into The Web Verse 2, Production Work Has Resumed

Production Schedule of the sequel was also hit by the pandemic like all the other movies. Thankfully, the production work has resumed for the sequel, and animators have started working on the artwork.

Christopher Miller has responded to the Fan’s big expectations for the sequel. He revealed that animators had resumed the production, he went further to reveal that the next instalment would be groundbreaking in terms of art wok and plot. It looks that the sequel will likely be able to live up to the expectations but it will be more exciting to see, Spiderman into the web verse 2 raises the bar.

Spiderman Into The Web Verse Sequel, Release Date, Plot And Cast Details

We don’t know anything about the plot yet, but some details are already revealed by the artists working on the project. The relationship between Gwen Stacy, Spidergirl from another dimension and Miles Morales was sorely underrated in the original movie. Many fans and fan theories have speculated about the further exploration of the relationship in the sequel. Producer Amy Pascal has responded to this popular theory, she told that it was somehow missed in the first part, and it will definitely be explored in the sequel.

The sequel will take a leap of two years from the events of the original movie. The sequel will introduce the Japanese Spiderman Mech and will have a lot of surprises. Mile Morales will be up against a new villain Doc Ock, to further intensify things.

Most of the voice actors are expected to reprise their roles in the sequel. Officially it’s slated to be released on 8th April 2020. However, it will require some serious production work rescheduling, as the production has resumed things are looking more optimistic.


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