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    Taboo Season 2 Release Date, Who Is In Cast? Plot, Trailer And Is This Show Worth Investing Your Time?

    Taboo is a BBC television series based on a story written by Chips & Tom Hardy. This dark drama takes place around the 19th century. Costumes and the images look real. It surely takes into consideration the style of that time. The series’s first season started in 2017 and was renewed in March for the upcoming season. Not much was updated about the program since then, here related to the context.

    Will there be Taboo Season 2?

    After the release of Season 1, no time was wasted by manufacturers in renewing the sequence. Two months following the premiere, BBC declared that a sequel would be returned with by Taboo. But three decades down the line and we’re still waiting.

    A reason for the delay is author Steven Knight’s program. He’s also the brain behind Peaky Blinders along with other projects, which were kept him occupied. Tom Hardy was a bird himself.

    It sounds like a script for Season 2 is finally in place. The season is stuck in pre-production due to the delay due to the corona pandemic. When the situation improves, filming begins. In any case, watch out for a 2021 release.

    Taboo Season 2

    Who will appear in Taboo Season 2?

    Tom Hardy is in this season’s front and center again. He is also the lead in the series, apart from co-creating the narrative. And as of today is the assured starter at the season.

    But, a return might be expected by fans from Mark Gatiss and Stephen Graham. David Hayman, Edward Hogg, and Jason Watkins will join them.

    What will Taboo Season 2 be about?

    As the season is still in pre-production, we have hardly any clues about its future. From how it appears, the series will pick up from where it left off. It will appear that our character will leave behind the beaches and sail West.

    The founders also theorized that Season 2 could deal with Colonnade- an American spy community. It will dive deep into researching the protagonist’s faculties. What happens finally, will only be known when the series yields.


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