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Vettel describes Ferrari undriveable in Austria, happy to spun only once.

This weekend, Vettel collided and spun, after contact with Carlos Sainz. And this leads to speaking the Ferrari SF 1000 as undrivable. He is...

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz take F3 Cars to Silverstone to Prepare for 2020...

We are just two weeks away from the first Grand Prix of this 2020 season. And as the season is a delayed one, we...
Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz claims not more than 10 laps to have McLaren back on Limit

It is tough for everyone one of us to think of getting into F1 races and touching the limits. It is really out of...
Rob Smedley advises Carlos Sainz

Rob Smedley advises Carlos Sainz to grow a thick skin before Ferrari move

We have known for a time now that Carlos Sainz is signing in for Ferrari. But now, Carlos Sainz also knows that he is...