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    Rob Smedley advises Carlos Sainz to grow a thick skin before Ferrari move

    We have known for a time now that Carlos Sainz is signing in for Ferrari. But now, Carlos Sainz also knows that he is just not signing for some ordinary company. And that he is not going for just a Formula 1 race team, he is going for a national institution. We went to Rob Smedley for any advice for the upcoming move of Carlos, and he offers a pretty strict warning and advice for the driver. He says it will be a tough time dealing with the pressure while driving for Scuderia.


    Smedley was a veteran for Ferrari of ten seasons. He was asked for advice for the current McLaren driver Sainz, who is the replacement for Sebastian Vettel. Vettel is the four-time champion for Ferrari and agrees to part with the company. All we hear is “ Grow the thick skin, really thick skin” “you will need it the most there” he went on.

    He went to say about his own times with Ferrari. He was amid many controversies and incidents. One such was the asking Felipe Massa to move side for Fernando’s win in the 2010 German Grand Prix. He says that for people who stay there for quite long, Ferrari becomes a part of you. According to him, at Ferrari, you have added pressure from Media and fans. It comes as a national Institution, it is now a religion.

    He added that there is no second-best in Ferrari. It is not good enough to be the second-best. That is a culture in Mercedes as well.


    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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