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UK government confirms quarantine exemptions for Formula 1 officials and personals.

The Silverstone matchs up, and here we are. The UK government is ready to remove the quarantine exceptions from the person who shall be...

Sainz believes bringing more podiums for McLaren 2020

McLaren brings home the podium two times now, in the last three Grand Prix. The one was Brazil last year. And at the earlier...

Ocon wraps pre-season test with double race distance run at Red Bull Ring

Danial Riccardo, on Tuesday, went back to the wheels after a long time. He drove the formula 1 car for the first time since...

Back to work: 10 days where F1 preps moved a gear

The last ten days seem very busy for the F1 officials, and all. The people and drivers going back to their factories, and some...

Charles Leclerc feels good back at tracks after karting ahead of F1.

Charles Leclerc, the first F1 driver, to return after lockdown. Looking t the easing norms due to coronavirus, this Ferrari driver spent his time...

Mercedes fire up W09 engine before the pre-season Silverstone test

It is three months we heard the F1 engine roar. Its reviving sound. Today, Mercedes took the pain to give us the sound we...

Mercedes and Ferrari on Private tests as F1 returns!!!

We are going for fun after all. It is time the F1 engines go back to reverberate the tracks. This is for the next...

Vettel and Hamilton at Mercedes a headache, says Horner

One of the most interesting debates ongoing in the automobile industry now is here. What will Sebastian Vettel do after leaving Ferrari? This event...
Sergio Perez

Racing Point claims Massively underrated Sergio Perez at peak of career

This May is full of driver moves in Formula 1 from one to another team after Sebastian moving out of Ferrari. But we still...
Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz claims not more than 10 laps to have McLaren back on Limit

It is tough for everyone one of us to think of getting into F1 races and touching the limits. It is really out of...