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Charles Leclerc feels good back at tracks after karting ahead of F1.

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Charles Leclerc, the first F1 driver, to return after lockdown. Looking t the easing norms due to coronavirus, this Ferrari driver spent his time on tracks of Italy karting. This is a part of his preparation for the upcoming Formula 1 races. He went to the South Garda Karting tracks. It was previously visited by his rivals, George Russell and Alex Albon in the previous winter break. We can get a glimpse of his spins in his twitter account. He went to say a message that he really felt good to be back at the tracks and that he will be planning to do some regularly, which is today as well. There are also news and words that he is going to take part in a private test of Ferrari as well. He may, in order to prepare for the Austrian Grand Prix, take to the wheels of an older spec car and practice.

His rivals are also keeping busy themselves for such events. Recently, we hear Lando Norris testing on a formula 3 car as practice. This week, Mercedes also organized a private test for both of its drivers. Mercedes went for Northamptonshire tracks as well. It was for Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas on Mercedes W09.

Talking of the next week probable events, Racing Point’s Lance Stroll will be going for the 2020 RP20

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